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PADI Wreck Detective (10 Years+)


Have you ever sat on the boat after a dive and felt like you must have been swimming round a different site to everyone else? Do you struggle to work out the bow from the stern, never mind all of the features in between? If so then this is the course for you. Becoming a Wreck Detective will open your eyes to the common features found on both metal and wooden shipwrecks, key identifiers to look out for and what to do next if you would like to find out more about a particular wreck site

PADI Underwater Naturalist (10 Years+)


Admiring the beauty beneath the waves is one thing, but appreciating how the underwater environment functions, on a more complex level, is something that will enhance your diving experiences in ways you might not expect. The better you understand the aquatic environment, the more you’ll be able to savour the sights you encounter on your dives. Go beyond simply recognising the occasional fish by taking the PADI Underwater Naturalist course

PADI Underwater Navigator (10 Years+)


Be the scuba diver everyone wants to follow because you know where you are and where you’re going. The PADI Underwater Navigator course fine tunes your observation skills and teaches you to more accurately use your compass underwater. If you like challenges with big rewards, take this course and have fun finding your way.

PADI Twin Set Diver (15 Years+)


Want to take more gas with you on your dive, or thinking about advancing to technical diving? Then the Twin Set Diver Specialty may be for you

PADI Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Diver (12 Years+)


Surface marker buoys (SMBs) are one of the most useful items of diving kit you’ll ever own, and having the ability to use an SMB is vitally important when you are coastal diving. They can allow scuba divers to mark boundaries for mapping or search and recovery, alert boat traffic, signal for assistance underwater, provide a line as a visual reference for ascending divers, and provide an emergency source of buoyancy.

PADI Sidemount Diver (15 Years+)


Having scuba tanks on your back isn’t a requirement for exploring the underwater world. Many scuba divers have discovered the joy of mounting cylinders on their sides. Sidemount diving gives you flexibility and streamlining options. Plus, you don’t have to walk with heavy cylinders on your back – just enter the water, clip them on and go. Sound interesting? Sign up for the PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty course.

PADI Self-Reliant Diver (18 Years+)


The purpose of the Self-Reliant Diver specialty course is to recognise and accept the role of the buddy system and its contributions to diver safety, whilst identifying and developing self-reliance and independence while diving. There are two reasons for an experienced diver to take the Self-Reliant Diver course: to develop the skills of planning and carrying out dives without a partner when preferred or necessary; and to sharpen skills of diving self-reliance, making the diver a stronger partner in a dive pair or team

PADI Search & Recovery Diver (12 Years+)


If you’ve ever lost something in the water and wanted to go find it, then the PADI Search and Recovery Diver Specialty course is for you. There are effective ways to search for objects underwater that increase your chances of success. And there are good and better methods to bring up small, large or just awkward items. Search and recovery can be challenging, but a whole lot of fun.

PADI Recompression Chamber Awareness (18 Years+)


The PADI Recompression Chamber Awareness Diver course has been written and developed by Immerse School of Diving, as a thorough introduction to the work of a hyperbaric facility. This not-for-profit course is designed specifically to suport our local hyperbaric chamber, and to increase awareness of the work they conduct for our diving community.

Project AWARE (All Ages)


Project AWARE’s philosophy is to mobilise a global force of scuba divers and water enthusiasts who care about protecting the world’s water resources and choose to make a difference – one dive at a time

PADI Peak Performace Buoyancy (10 Years+)


Excellent buoyancy control is what defines skilled scuba divers. You’ve seen them underwater. They glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or hover almost as if by thought. They more easily observe aquatic life without disturbing their surroundings. You can achieve this, too. The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course improves the buoyancy skills you learned as a new diver and elevates them to the next level. The course continues to work towards role model buoyancy, trim and propulsion; giving you an elite fine level control of your movement in the water.

PADI Night Diver (12 Years+)


The thought of dipping below the surface at night seems mysterious, yet so alluring. Although you’ve been scuba diving at a site many times before, at night you drop into a whole new world and watch it come to life under the glow of your dive light. The scene changes as day creatures retire and nocturnal organisms emerge. If you’ve wondered what happens underwater after the sun goes down, sign up for the PADI Night Diver Specialty course

PADI Multilevel & Computer Diver (12 Years+)


In the old days, dive profiles were calculated from the surface down to a maximum depth, then back to the surface. Now, dive computers continually analyse your depth – giving you more bottom time for going shallower and allowing you to maximise your dive time. If you’d like to understand more about dive computers and learn how you can use tools like the eRDPML to plan multilevel dives, then the Multilevel & Computer Diver Specialty course is for you.

PADI Equipment Specialist (10 Years+)


Don’t miss a dive due to minor issues with your scuba diving equipment. Whether it’s a missing o-ring, wetsuit tear or a broken fin strap, the PADI Equipment Specialist course teaches you to manage basic repairs and adjustments. You’ll also learn more about how your gear works, making you more comfortable with it and better prepared to take care of your investment.

PADI Enriched Air Diver (12 Years+)


The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is PADI’s most popular specialty scuba course. Why? Because scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more no decompression time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. If staying down longer and getting back in the water sooner sounds appealing, then don’t hesitate to become an enriched air dive

PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider (All Ages)


nowing how and when to use emergency oxygen is a great skill to have and means you’re ready to help others should the need arise. Becoming a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider lets you breathe easy knowing that you can recognise scuba diving illnesses treatable with emergency oxygen, and are prepared to offer aid.